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May 29, 2007



Canary Yellow. Or candlelight. If those colors exist in paint, they may be what you're looking for :-)


LOL, my living room is "golden pineapple," which really is more of a mustard... liked it well enough when I moved in, but now I can't stand it. The problem is that the color is so dark so rather than prime, I thought maybe I should try a faux finish over the "golden pineapple." I've spent so many hours staring at stinking paint chips, it's saaaaad!!! Nothing goes with this color!!! NOTHING!!!!

But there's this faux venetian plaster mix called "Limone" which I might try... it's kind of a parchment color, but not so brown.


A popular Air Force young family interior color back in my day was "Baby Snot Yellow." It is very subdued with a complex palette of yellow hues, but that may be hard to find at Lowes. A popular exterior trim was "Baby Poop Green."
I don't think either had "Tuscan" as a descriptor, however.


Hm. Yeah. I'm no help on the colors. I was distracted by the bouquet of flowers somewhere up top...(it was right after the tax free paychecks).


I LOVE picking out paint. I'm usually pretty good at it if you need help! ;)

As far as the garbage goes, if they skip you, call the garbage company. They have to come and pick it up if you call them and tell them it's not getting picked up. Especially if you are paying for it. Seattle Public Utilities is our garbage and water service - not sure what yours would be. They should also provide you with a garbage can and probably recycling bin too if that area is into it.

As far the Tuscan yellow goes, you might have to buy a yellow and then sponge a darker color onto it to get what you are looking for... :)



A beat me to it on both counts:

1. Call the garbage
2. Sponge a darker color to make it tuscan yellow. I want to do that to our family room eventually and that's what I had in mind.


I meant call the garbage company.

The garbage doesn't generally pick up their phone. At least mine doesn't. heeeeeeee!

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