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May 24, 2007



The whole world DOES revolve around you and your wedding, silly! Its the most important day of your life (I think. Somethings won't turn out as expected, but you have every right to stress/whine/panic/meltdown if you so choose.
I think you made a wise choice on the dress, now we want to see it on you! They're ALWAYS out of the small sizes, you'd think someone would figure it out...

Heather B.

1) Isn't a wedding day supposed to be about the bride?

2) The entire East Coast of Alaska is right next to Canada


OK, I hate you even more now. A size 4?

You have no idea how much I hate you.

Yet? I love you too.

Such a dilemma. ;)


LOL. It's a nice dress, but looks like a challenge to alter.

And why is it that when you walk into a store they're out of the 2's and 4's but have like a million size 14's? I mean, what, is no one like a size 14, or are all skinny girls clothes horses?

Anonymous G

Yup. You are the bride. This is your time, girl! Let it all revolve around you. Enjoy it now...once you're a mom, those days are GONE!

Size 4 or size 6, you'll be SMASHING in that dress, Ang!!


oh, and P.S. LOVED the Alaska car story. I am geographically challenged in the worst way. I laughed at Colby's smart(ass)retort!


I've been to a number of bachelorette parties that preceded the wedding by several weeks, and I think it's a really good idea. Mostly just because you can go wild when you want to and then also get your beauty sleep when you need it.

It is really frustrating, though, that you can't make concrete plans. I agree that females are less likely to commit in advance to blow off other obligations in their lives for a carefree weekend than are guys - I've seen that (and been like that) myself - a lot of talk at the outset then practicality setting in. Maybe it's a guilt/responsibility thing. It definitely doesn't reflect on their affection for you.

Maybe there's something about Vegas? I think guys think of Vegas as this place where they can do lots of things they like to do that they maybe don't have access to at home: all night gambling and clubbing and buffets and (ahem) shows...and all they need is an excuse to go. Whereas girls may be like, going to Vegas to go to the spa, eh, I can do that anywhere. (Which is not to say girls don't like all night gambling and clubbing and buffets and (ahem) shows...I'm just saying maybe there's a different degree of enthusiasm for Vegas itself.)

I don't know if I'm making sense, but it is neither here nor there, since your bachelorette party is about You, not about the activities. So who knows.

Sounds like the bachelorette party simply needs to be planned around you and what you really want to do.

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