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May 22, 2007



I /never/ know what to wear to weddings and now you are making me think I need to be a bit more bold in my choices. Red and turquoise? Maybe I should let you pick out what I'm wearing to your wedding, haha.

As for favorites, well, I like them all, but I'm a bit partial to #2 for some reason.


LOVE the turquoise one:)


The turquoise one is beautiful!


I like 2 and 3, and I totally want #3 for myself.


I'm musing on the irony of the skin tight dresses on models who don't eat, juxtaposed to the Web sidebar picture of you diving into a creamy, gooey, calorie-laden dessert. Hmmm?

Fraulein N

#2 is about 53 different kinds of hott.


I like #1 the most, and #2 the least.

I think the Vera is gorgeous, but will look dated in a season or two. LBD is always timeless.


I like #1 for lots of reasons. Firstly, I think it's the most flexible of all of them. #2 looks fairly evening, and #3 looks fairly afternoony - and Cat is right, I like the turquoise one, too, but it definitely exists in time. And/or people will remember it so you can wear it only so many times anyway. (If you care about that.)

But #1 you could change around with a great necklace (sexy choker, glamorous shiny stuff) or by throwing on more coverage with a scarf, or even by adding a belt.

#2 is no doubt hott. But that's why I think #1 is more flexible. It's just that little bit more covered so you could wear it to a work function or something and look sexy but not inappropriate.

Or maybe I'm just jealous. I have nothing on top and #2 would make me look like an eggplant.

I don't mean to diss #4; it's elegant. But I'm against black dresses for weddings. I know that rule has kind of gone by the wayside, esp. for evening events, but, since you do plan to multipurpose this dress, and since you have options, and such awesome options, why not avoid offending anyone altogether?

An LBD doesn't have to be black, you know. Anything that's timeless and makes you look like a knockout.

Have you tried these on? Red #1 is a tough color to wear, it occurs to me.


I like #1 the best. Definately. It caught my eye for some reason...although, its not that shiny material is it? Anyway, its sexy but not I'm-gonna-steal-your-man sexy like #2. I do love LBD too, but I agree with Taster, not to a wedding.


The very first dress is AWESOME. I think you have the appropriate amount of curviness-to-non-curviness ration to pull it off too. I'm going to advise against the turquoise Vera Wang simply because of the bubble skirt--not only do I dislike them (personally), but they've been hot just long enough that they'll be out in 2-4 months. And if you're going to spend that kind of money, you need to have something that can last for a few seasons.

Just my ill-informed opinion. I spend most of my day in neutral browns and sands now.


I vote for the black one on the bottom--need reasons?

I like #1 (the red dress) but... I have a bad feeling about it in real life. It just makes me nervous--it doesn't seem like a dress one should buy without trying it on...

The black dress, however, has a lot going for it! I mean, it looks like it has some ruching on the top (where us girls need the ruching!) and then it has the band around the waist. That ALWAYS makes your waist look smaller--and that's never a bad thing. And you have a tiny waist already, so that'll be awesome... and black... I just love a little black dress--and if you don't have one, you should!

I don't know... I agree with everyone else though, that it should be #1 or the black one.


I like the Vera Wang's the best. I think if you don't have the LBD, then that's probably the most practical choice and then you can snazz it up with your shoes or accessories. I like the styles of the Nicole Miller dresses, but I think the red color might be a little too much for a wedding (esp. if they're day time). Maybe I'm weird/anal, but it's almost like wearing white in that all the attention should be on the bride (you'll relate soon enough:)


I really like #3. It's cute, sassy, and who cares if people remember the dress? Isn't that the point? OK, yeah, it's a bubble skirt. How many years are you planning on going before buying another semi-formal dress, you know? I think they're cute... then again, they remind me of the 6th grade so my opinion could be a little antiquated.

#4 is a nice dress too. I've worn black and white dresses to weddings. (With colorful flower prints, though.) You'll be fine if you accessorize. I can just see you wearing this dress with a nice hat and big sunglasses.

These days, with folks running to Vegas, getting married outdoors in parks, gardens, or on beaches, I don't think there will be much occasion for something more formal.

#1 is cute but borderline for weddings (maybe if you could find it in navy blue or heather gray?), #2 is probably a bit over the top (I'd feel bad wearing that anywhere near clergy! Maybe it's the Baptist church of my youth speaking.)

Anonymous G

I'm partial to anything Vera Wang. The torquoise dress is my favorite without a doubt!

BUT, if you're wanting to be a bit more on the practical side, the LBD is lovely and probably more time enduring.

2 cents.



Number 1! Number 1! Wow- you'd look fantastic in that.

My runner up is the turquoise dress. You'd look fantastic in that too.

OK- now I hate you because you'd look fantastic in pretty much anything. ;)


I vote for #2 or #3

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