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May 01, 2007



You know, all you have to do is upload the video to photobucket like you would a picture. It's really not that hard and I really want to see the videos :) Otherwise, cute pics, you have one lovely family!


it's a good thing you moved here in april and not november! :)) you still have lots of good weather to experience before the winter.
i'm glad you are out enjoying the sunshine, we have been too, it's incredible!

i wish i had a hairdresser suggestion for you but i live too far away from you to recommend mine who's right here in west seattle. sorry.



Haha, Caro beat me to it.

I feel your pain on the clothes bit... still cleaning out my guest room and closets. Slowly, but surely, progress will be made!


OMG! Britney Spears sounding voice? I'm laughing because I have one too. I will never in a gazillion billion trillion years post my voice online. Nevah! ;)

Katie Ann

Totally know what you mean about the clothes. I spent all of my $ on work clothes and have been lounging around in sweats or one of my 3 pairs of jeans, all of which have paint on them from one house or another--and all my shirts are from college too. Also? I have no white socks thus refuse to wear anything that will reveal my black socks (OMG, the black sock of death, yuck). I'm a picky sock wearer and just haven't gotten around to getting white ones.
I agree w/Caro, your family is cute! Seattle looks beautiful.


Love the pictures--no advice on the wardrobe. Clinton and Stacy would kick my ass!


It's so nice to be old enough to wear what you want to wear even if it has been hanging in the closet for years -- and to have not just roots but silver "sparkles" throughout your otherwise lovely mane!!!! You see, there are advantages to being over the hill -- you just glide after that and hold on tight! Love the pics and can't wait to see you in person!

Fraulein N

Puppies! I've always thought I'd like to live in Seattle. I don't mind the rain and the you're right, the non-rain weather does sound perfect.

And yes, we want video.

Anonymous G

MY closet is full and I hate all MY clothes! Next time I have some free time (hopefully sometime before 2010), I'm throwing away ANYthing that isn't absolutely adorable. Or necessary.

Sorry about the roots and chipped nails. Treat yourself to a girlie day! :)

Love the pictures of your pups and the park. Ah, the good life.....


Word on the closet. Mine is stuffed. Stuffed with stuff that is no younger than 5 years old. And possibly more like 20 years old. But it fits! And it's not falling apart! Therefore I can't bear to get rid of it.

Part of the problem is that the things I love, I hate to wear. Because I want to SAVE THEM for when I need to look especially cute. Which is never, so I go around every day in the same sweater with a hole in it and a closet full of cute things.

I finally have decided I deserve to look especially cute even if I'm just going to Wal-Mart. And there's no need to save them, because by the time they would truly wear out, they'd be out of fashion anyway.

So, if ever I'm wearing an outfit and for an INSTANT feel like it's not flattering or comfortable (hello, low-rise jeans, have you met my crack?), out it goes, no looking back. It's helping a lot. Life's too short to look frumpy.

I had the opposite roots problem for a while. Dyed my hair black, and when my mousy-brown roots started coming in it looked like I was going bald. My only solution was repeated applications of temporary color until the real me had grown long enough for a haircut. That and I had two-tone hair for a year. Hott.

Or you could get a sweet wig.


Here's my hair advice- I've never had a stylist at Regis that did a bad job. You *know* how fussy I am about my hair, so that's saying something. They also specialize in hair coloring.

My problem is that I always get the yacky ones. Take your mp3 player and plug it in your ears and maybe they'll leave you alone, eh?

Regis is very reasonable and again, always good.

Let me know who you find. If you find a non-yacky one, I might be interested! :)

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