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April 21, 2007



Glad you're back! I was afraid the fear of the olives had banished you forever.

Good luck with all the settling in. I still have a storage space in Atlanta and I am very fearful of the day when that stuff comes to Houston.


I have been WAITING for these photos! Y'all are so precious! And your sister is kind of unfairly hot, but in a it-runs-in-the-family kind of way. I'm excited to see what unfolds. Oh, also, is being engaged fun?

Katie Ann

Yay for you! Sounds like you've had quite a month physically and emotionally. And thanks for the pics, I am quite nosy and would like a virtual tour! DOes that mean no olive? ....


Ok, Ok. It was worth the wait for the photos. You two are adorable. Just adorable! Hope you got that pizza...hold the olives on that now, of course!

The Incubator

Wow, you must know a really good photographer!!!! Loved finally seeing you back up and running with newsy news and photos -- cause I sure do miss seeing that adorable face! Personally, I think the whole family is pretty hot!


Oh yay, you just made my night, darlin' :] The pictures are gorgeous. I absolutely love the 6th and 7th ones! The huge smile on your face is absolutely priceless. You are gorgeous! Hope you are continuing to get settled! xoxo


I love the pictures of you doing your navigational duties in the car... that's how I remember you on car trips ;) Well, that and flying Barbies... hee


What fabulous pictures!

I'm still seething with green envy that you all got to see each other while I was in "Fatlanta" (calling it that because I ate WAY more sugar than any human should).

OK girlie girl, we need to see if at least we can get together and maybe A too?

I'll pop you an email after Italy (only 8 more days!) and we'll make that happen.

I can't believe that you're actually here. Wow. And a month even! Wow even more!

where the hell is fife

Dont let her fool you, there are lots more pictures of her sleeping in the car.


By the way, is your ring a Tacori?


Lovely pictures, BTW, you two are disgustingly cute!!! :)


Lovely pictures, BTW, you two are disgustingly cute!!! :)


Yeah, what she said!


Love, love the pictures. You made my night. :-)

Fraulein N

Love the pictures; can't wait for the virtual tour. Yes, yes I am nosy.

Katie Ann

BTW, I love, no, LOVE the yellow paint and am quite jealous!


Cute pics -- look forward to the house tour when you're finished!

Heather B.

I get into a car and I promptly pass out. It pisses people off, but I seriously can't help it.

love the ring by the way.


Good grief. You are tiny.

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