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April 27, 2007


Katie Ann

Oooh, shoes. Yum. Wow, their portfolio was amazing, I can't wait to see your pictures! Will you be able to post some? BTW, I'm back--I decided to blog again, different site though.


You know how I feel about shoes, so I am unable to relate, though I can sympathize.

Glad you have found a bookstore--that is an important factor in where you live!

How ironic is this? I got an email from my Seattle people, and they are moving to North Carolina at the end of the summer.

Fraulein N

When your feet have healed, you should put the shoes back on and post some pictures for us.


Which shoes did you decide on?


Oh, Ang, sorry to hear about your sore feet, but the photographer's portfolio is amazing! I'm sure your pictures turned out just as, if not more beautiful!!

And I ended up getting a Dell XPS. I definitely looked into getting a Mac, but I didn't feel like having to learn a whole new OS right now, ya know? As for the money, well, I didn't really have it either, I had to charge it :(


Good God woman!!! Clutching and hobbling? Take the darned things off and go buy a pair of cheapo flip flops or something! That might be easier to do in Hawaii, now that I think about it.

I switched over to the blogger site for the most part... send me an email if you'd like to be sent an invite. (Since they're affiliated with google now, it might be easier if I invite your gmail persona if you have one.)

Anonymous G

Sorry to hear about your feets, Ang..but dying to see the shoes!

Sounds like an otherwise perfectly Seattle-ish day. Lovely!


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