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February 02, 2007



You can title the tale of college freshman living/touring in Ireland for the summer "Every Parent's Nightmare." Particulary the part about taking up the pub bartender on his offer to sleep in the spotless rafters above the bar.


OK, even though I'm not sure of the actual location, besides that it's in the Liguria region, I've heard nothing but amazing things about Cinque Terre. If you email this guy ( and tell him that Lynn sent you, he should be able to give you more information :-) He's a VERY well-traveled buddy of mine from England.


Oooh. I'm jealous of your honeymoon trip. Totally jealous. I am not, however, jealous of your move. I hope yours goes smoothly and quickly and much better than any of mine have gone. HA!

You are SO RIGHT about Target shoes. After reading your article, I had to check them out today. If I had not had my squirmy toddler with me, I would have gone home with so many cute shoes! I will be going back to hit those shelves again, most definitely!


Oooh, I second the Cinque Terre comment! I was 12 when I went to the Amalfi Coast so not much help there. Congrats with the writing work and have fun before the movers come!

Heather B.

Dude! You're moving! To Seattle! The home of Costco! Wheeee

(does my enthusiasm make you feel any less stressed?)


Oh! I'm so excited for your honeymoon plans! I'll call you this week, and you can tell me all about it -- if you have a free moment, that is! And yes, climbing Killiney "Hill" was an absolute blast -- really. I didn't think we were all going ot pass out before reaching the top, or just jump, or be abducted by the cute little "gardner" at the "Canadian Embassy." No, it was a blast. Just like taking ths bus to walk a mile and a half in the rain to the back entrance of Padraig Pearse's school...and meeting at midnight in the middle of Trinity on that glorious bank holiday...Okay, you're right, it WAS fun!!

Seriously, I'm psyched about your honeymoon. Y'all will have an amazing time, I'm sure. And March'll be such a nice time to go...Not too hot, not too many people...Okay, I'll call you tomorrow. Nuff said. Or written, anyway. Ok, I'm stopping. Now.

Anonymous G

Seattle is the home of Costco?? I thought it was the home of NORDSTROM! (and a little company called Microsoft)



Just think, you will get to know ALL NEW Target shoe departments when you move. Enjoy your planning time at your parents!


Wow, can I just tell you how envious I am of your honeymoon trip? I want to go to Italy so badly, but I want to wait to go with someone.

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