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January 22, 2007



The people I look forward to reading most are the ones I know the best - either in real life, or people I've developed a relationship with over this here crazy internet.

One of my friends that I don't see on your blogroll is - she's awesome, she has a pair of cute kitties, and she's a fantastic writer, too.


Well, thank you very much for the mention, m'aam!

Let's see...if you don't mind a little crudity and general shock humor, I love Karlababble (another Texas gal).

She has me in stitches constantly and I've mentioned her on my blog several times:


I've had to curtail my daily reading because my blogroll has gotten larger and larger, so there's no one blog I frequent regularly. This experience, for me, however, started out at, which is technically not a blog but which gave me the nerve to start commenting, which led to visiting other commentors' sites, which led to doing my own thing. While I wish I had more time, I'm thankful to the blogosphere for the friends I have made along the way.


I think we connected by way of blog explosion--I can't say that about any other reads.

I think that Marisa is the one on my blogroll that you would be most likely to enjoy.


I'm new to your blog but I'll join in the fun.
I really enjoy reading

She doesn't update too often but when she does, she has these hilarous post's about her rare, horrible disease EDS.


My current favorite blog is Baggage and Bug, but since you already have it... How about ?


You know everyone I read, I think... M, Anon G, RG, A, Mel etc. Dunno if you ever read my friend Ian's hilarious blog, but he's taken his down now, so no point giving you the link. The only other one I read with some regularity is Erica at


Haha, actually, yours is the one I check most obsessively, followed by Sarah's An Officer, World Traveler, and Runner at Following that though, and what really got me into blogging, would be Kat's Kitty Can Scratch at, followed by Marcia's The Pink Shoe at

And thanks for the mention! I'm honored!


I'm just like you in that I've long since dropped the celebrity blogs and have mainly concentrated on "friend blogs." I realized that almost all of my regulars have been around for more than a year and many have been around for almost two. It's hard for me to pick my favorite because it often depends on my mood, just as the same as it's hard for me to pick one best friend.

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