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January 29, 2007



Ha, I was going to comment before, but I got distracted by the awesome article over on WiseBread. I did NOT know that stuff!


I see a stressed out weekend coming up soon! Good luck with the packing. I'll send you happy thoughts come Saturday. Maybe it'll help. ;-)


I sent the info on to my cousin--her husband is overseas--exact location unknown.

Good luck with the move, and yes, nice big new houses are very easy to fill up!


The Incubator and I started in a 12 X 60 (720 sq feet)mobile home and 4 years later we were managing to squeeze into only 3300 sq ft. Empty space in a house has the same risk as a huge new salary increase - if your life style is to buy 5% more stuff than you have room for or spend 5% more than you make, life doesn't get any better no matter how much you make or how big your house is.


Shopping for research....what beautiful words.

It sounds like the moving process is going pretty good. That's really good. It's amazing, the amount of STUFF that you realize you have when you move.

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