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January 26, 2007



Go get those donuts girl! I tried to click on ads on your wise bread thing... but I didn't see any? Yeah, the brilliant sister strikes again! However, the article was cute and clever! Heck yes for target!

Um... good luck moving. Ew. I hate moving. But mom and dad are always a helping hand!


Hahahahahaha . . . this one was great! It's so fun to see my name on your blog! And you're quite pretty too, as well as a hilarious and engaging writer :-) See, we do compliment AND complement each other!

And in my opinion, I think we do have a unique concept . . . like the GI Jane diaries (name compliments of D). We definitely have a shot at the big time; it's just up to us to make it happen!

So, um, I guess it's off to Kinko's for me again this morning . . .


Ugh, I am moving this weekend so I am right there with you. My parents always offer to help me move and I can't imagine anything less fun. They're being all helpful, I'm being all crabby - so I wind up with a bunch of stuff I can't find and 6 months worth of guilt.

Surfed on over from your TLF comment on Frema's...)

Katie Ann

Ha, I totally understand about the pics, TMO came to 'check out' my house yesterday; "Um, yeah, Ma'am, you'll need to take down all of your pictures." Why? Ok, never mind, I'll do it. :) But they're making me take the gas out of my lawnmower Suck it up with a straw?
Mmmmm-Krispy Kreme


I dont' think it would hurt to talk to other publishers. From what I've heard from other writers, you want a publisher that's actually going to make an effort to promote the book and not just print it.

Funny thing is that I've heard crazy stories of military movies literally packing a trash can...full of trash, but they can't take a picture off the wall?


Shop around for a publisher. Like anything else, you need them to 'fit' with you, because it's an ongoing relationship. Look at who's publishing other similar books (or military in general), because they'll have a better idea of the market you want to audience - and where to sell.

Have fun packing! :-p


When they "pack" your lawnmower" upside down above the box containing your great grandmother's hand crocheted table cloth you will be glad you drained all of the gas AND OIL out. You get it out the same way they would - turn it up side down.

I have had kitchen garbage, firewood, broken bricks, and ashtrays full of cigarette butts from the moving party packed. They get paid by the pound. The kitchen garbage really smelled good after 5 months in storage.

And it doesn't matter how the first set of packers pack the truck, it usually gets transferred to another truck or two before it get to you. They basically treat your stuff like its a shipment of bowling balls.

Katie Ann

OldWarrior is a genius! Thx! Oil too, gotcha. Just as long as they don't try to pack my cats...(They'll be locked up safely!)


The picture story is definitely weird. I don't get it. Thank goodness you have nice reliable help. ;) I'm enjoying your articles too!


Word up, OldWarrior. I just moved and a half gallon of soy sauce with a loose cap saturated about six other boxes. Despite a plethora of "This Side UP" arrows.

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