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October 12, 2006



you know what's REALLY freaky? I just so happened to have a Freddy Krueger dream last night. I mean... I know that didn't happen to YOU last night... but I mean, it is weird.

Right. Scary dream!


Creepy. VERY creepy.


I'm behind on the weird dreams, but I did just get married a week ago, so perhaps you will forgive me?

Shortly after my mother died (very suddenly at the age of 48), I had a dream where she was the one comforting me about her death. My brother-in-law dreamed about her shortly before he married my sister. He had only met my mother once years before. My sister dreamed that Mother apologized for not being able to come to her wedding. I have limited belief in what happens after, so I know not what to make of these dreams, but all of us were comforted by them.

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