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October 05, 2006



oi vey


Hey, I recognize that quote at the top of your page:)

and yes, last spring was a bad season for elderly grandparents.


Shhhh, don't tell anyone that I'm blog hoppin. I think the idea of a three day weekend to catch up on work is allowing me to procrastinate today. sheesh.

OK, I have a good one for you. I haven't posted this on my blog, nor will I because I think people might think I"m a loon. You know I'm a loon and we're still friends so....

I *am* very sensitive to that sort of thing. I have lots of stories, but this one is particularly eerie.

Last year, as BJ's dad was at the end of his life, I started feeling someone get out of the bed and then I'd see a shadow walk across the room. It happened almost nightly at about four in the morning.

I didn't always feel the 'someone' get out of the bed, and I didn't always see the shadow. Sometimes I'd see one and not the other, and sometimes I'd see both.

The first time it happened, I thought it was BJ getting out of bed to use the bathroom, but then he'd snore (ha!) and I'd realize that it wasn't him at all. I chalked it up to being a dream, the first time.

The next time it happened, I put my hand over to BJ's side of the bed and felt him there, as I watched the shadow walk by. OK, that freaked me out.

Eventually, I got the distinct feeling that someone was sleeping in our bed between the two of us. It didn't freak me out after a while. Instead, I was very curious as to who it was.

Then the lighbulb came on and I got chills~ you know the kind you get when you *know* you're right about something?

BJ had a brother that died when BJ was about 8. His brother was 18 months older than him and was in a nursing home the last 6 years of his life. Loooooooonnnnng story.

After analyzing this (a lot!)I believe that this was BJ's brother and he was next to BJ during the night to comfort him during this difficult time he was having due to his father being in the active stages of dying. BJ's dad was his best friend and this was very hard on him.

I think he always left in the early hours, so he'd be gone by the time BJ woke up.

He stopped 'visiting' about two weeks after BJ's dad died.

I told BJ about this, even though I know that BJ doesn't believe in life after death. BJ said, well, I don't believe in this sort of thing, but if you are right~ if it's true, it is comforting to know that my brother was here trying to make me feel better.

I have lots of stories like this (well, not exactly like this, but of 'visits') It's very clear what is happening and I'm wide awake when it happens.

I've learned to not be freaked out about it and just accept that I'm more sensitive than most.

Or more of a nut. tee hee.


Wow, both yours and RG's stories are amazing -- interestingly, they don't scare me but rather give me comfort. I have a couple of stories, but I'm not quite ready to tell them. But I love the idea of posting them to a forum such as this. Maybe by next "Thriller Thursday" I'll have 'em together. They may be too long for the comments section; if I decide to post them at my page, I'll send you a linky loo.


I have had several dreams with people that have passed away that have "talked" directly to me in my dream. There is not a doubt in my mind that was their way of visiting me b/c each time, I woke up with a sense of peace that I can never accurately describe to anyone else. Many people knew about this, and the night that my step-dad passed away, he came to me in a dream to tell me that he was okay and to let everyone else know that. I've since heard of other people that have has a similar experience. He also came to me a few months ago and said that he was worried about my mom and that the four kids really needed to keep an eye on her. A month later, her house burned down.

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