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October 08, 2006





You may live to regret the Ol' Roy downgrade. We tried that with our lab a few years back. I don't know WHAT is in that stuff, but it resulted in some of the worst dog gas that I've ever had the displeasure to hit my nostrils. I'm just warning you...since your dogs come in the house may find yourself with NO appetite after your pooches have a few servings of that stuff.LOL!

Heather B.

Sounds kind of like my life. Except for the dogs. I'm trying to sustain on wheat pasta and cantaloupe. It's impossible..


I'm imagining the nasty smoothies you could make with those ingredients... Any way to turn the yogurt into an, uh, 'raspberry alfredo sauce'?


Have I mentioned that sometimes I feel like your life is mine? Because I'm down to the non-perishables that I recovered from the movers and the free breakfast from the hotel in Berlin this weekend. And yes, I know that I took a trip, but the Deutscher paid for all my other meals . . . and a cute shirt . . .


Got anything you can sell on eBay?

Because, I bet you do. Something totally cool that you didn't know what cool, but walah, eBay people love it.

Do you have that?

Sorry about the shoes. :(


Your shopping list is funny. Our poor dogs don't like to me buy their food because they get ol Roy or Sunshine when it's up to me. I see shoes and handbags floating out the window with the high price stuff. Kiddo and mr. try to put me on a guilt trip when I do that. I won't gag you with my comeback!

I could definitely use a Coach purse. And I have a kazillion shoes but I need more of those too. And bracelets and the entire Brighton website. :)

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