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September 05, 2006



This is a wonderfully honest post. I'll never forget that book -- I cannot remember when I read it but I remember how it touched me -- her confusion over the simplest things, her fear that yes, the jar was hanging just over her head. I've never seen a better glimpse into that world.

Here's hoping that your bell jar stays well out of sight.


I have to admit that I wondered if Sylvia Plath would be too depressing for me, but your recommendation sounds pretty solid. I go to a book club here, and we wind up getting together for three hours and discussing the book for 15 min. I wonder if e-mail would be more productive:)

Hope you feel better soon!

Heather B.

I suppose I shall get myself to a Barnes and Noble post haste.


WOW, Angela that books seems like it was written for me!! I will DEFINITELY check it out...thanks for the recommendation! Have a great time on your vacation!


I know what my next book will be. Thanks! :-)

Have an awesome time on your vacation! Woohoooo


You know, her husband was also an author who struggled with the fact that she was far more acclaimed than he. They had a tumultuous and rather dysfunctional relationship which some say fed her depression, and she eventually stuck her head in a gas oven while her child was at home in the next room. Or something along those lines.

Her poetry is equally dark and beautiful.


I loved that book in high school. I should go read it again. You should read her REAL biography. And then read her poetry. And weep at the craziness of it all, like anyt intelligent creative girl worth her salt.


I've been wondering what book to take on holiday with me - I think we have a copy of it on the book shelf somewhere...


I'm going to have to try that, once I get through Call Me Elizabeth and Absurdistan. And by the way, how does one join said book club? Because I wanted to do that as well . . . even mail books back and forth . . . I have a bunch that would fit the bill . . .

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