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August 18, 2006


Former Air Force Guy

In about 1986 (long ago but post ice age), the Air Force required that the application package being submitted for the annual paperwork reduction award be submitted in six copies vs. only triplicate as it had in the past. Nice to see the Air Force hasn't changed as much as I thought.


Girl, I hear you on the 'what a week' statement.

It's a wonder I haven't given notice this week.

Yeah, like *that's* gonna happen.


I LOVE Coupling. That's the English version, right? We get episodes through On Demand on our cable and we watch them all really quickly and then try to patiently wait for the next ones.. that's one hilarious show. I heard they did an "American" version but it ended abruptly - it just wasnt as good. And it never is...



Hey, let your hair down and go eat some peas.....LeSeur...they've the best. I'm still in awe over the SATC tour. More pics puh-lease?


I wll not watch Laguna Beach, I will not watch Laguna Beach, I will not watch Laguna Beach.
Have a great, relaxing weekend!


Haha, well, yeah... it's been one doozy of a week. Hang in there, and hopefully things will turn out as they should with minimal resistance.

Some days I feel as though our personnel command is run by the Grinch... and maybe Jackie from That 70's Show.

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