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August 21, 2006



I think having a military background will help you out in the job search. It shows you are structured, organized, and disciplined, and dedicated. Most employers would look at that and say, "wow, she must be very mature!" So use it to your advantage. They don't have to know that the reason you separated was because you were dying to get out!


WorkSource Washington sounds oddly familiar... ;)

Looking for a job totally sucks. I know what you mean about feeling like you're 12. But I would think your admin experience is VERY useful for a marketing/event planning kind of job. If there is anyone who needs to be organized, it's an event planner. If you've got the upbeat networking people-person vibe going on, show it off, THEN tell them you know how to get stuff done! The event planner/marketing person in my office recently got herself fired because she was so very bad on the admin side of things... Good luck!


I have to admit that most of the jobs for you might be in Seattle. I know I don't know many people, but you just never know who knows who, so please feel free to send me your resume. I also found my current job listed on Craig's List, for what it's worth. It's tough being a military wife -- most of the ones I knew were teachers or in my mom's case, real estate, where it could easily transfer to other cities. The hard part is that companies are somewhat anal about making sure you have such specific experience that it's hard to switch industries. Even for me in marketing, most wanted technology marketing experience and mine was limited to retail marketing. Or, another thought might be to go back to school?


I feel your pain completely. I at least have the advantage of being able to choose to stay in one spot, at least for the time being.

If you want some advice (because I know you do), start putting together a portfolio of events you've helped plan (centerpieces, decorations, etc). And then when you get to Washington, look for jobs in event-related markets, like with a florist or photographer. If anything, you'll gain some experience while making SOME money, and can eventually roll it up into one. And of course, keep in touch so that we can start a wedding planning business together! Think about it . . . military people get married to each other all the time, and if you have some working knowledge of military traditions and themes, you'll be an instant hit!

You'll be awesome.


I think you should move to Houston. Just sayin'. I never had to do that kind of job search either. I went straight to nursing school and graduated at 21. Resumes for nurses aren't so much about presentation. The number of years of experience is tough to fake. Good luck!


Yep, job hunting sucks. But sometimes alumni networking is also good to do- even if there's no one exactly where you're going, there might be someone who has a friend they can recommend you to?

And there's always volunteer work to get some experience. Maybe there are upcoming change of commands, retirements, re-enlistments, volunteer luncheons, or commissionings that you can help plan? Use that HR foothold of yours as a lead on stuff like that!

Maybe someone's spouse or relative is an event planner and will let you assist if you ask? Maybe someone at the Officer's Club can help you out? Not that you aren't busy enough with the puppies and your "day job," just some thoughts.


You might try Olympia too - not too far from Tacoma and you could get a decent salary with the State - the capital is there. Not sure what else is there and don't think there's too many wedding planner type jobs but maybe something to get the ball rolling....

Very cool that you might be heading this way!!


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