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August 22, 2006



Awwwww!!! How cute! Jack is absolutly adorable!!! How is that puppy not fat with treats and cuddled to death? Oh man, what a cutie pie! I bet Ellie is just as cute, though!!!

Oh, I am so not looking forward to bath day. Ace will struggle, then lay down so I can only wash one side. Roxy will freak out constantly and yap like I'm coming after her with a knife or something.


Cutest. Post. Ever.


He is fantastic - I bet he's a real character too.

I grew up with dogs (not literally - they were always around the house), and miss having a dog around terribly. We have a cat now but it's not the same. Dogs love people. Cat's use people.

"yes, I totally just doggyblogged" - that is the funniest quote I've seen in days... :)


The dogs are cute to the point of wanting to put them as my background. So keep doggyblogging.

But what happened at le work?!


I really wish that Belle and Jack could make friends... or, well, that Belle could. They are like, exactly the same dog... 'cept yours is slightly less psychotic!


them's some very cute photos. as for having kids, why not mock their discomfort to make yourself feel better? ;)


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