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August 28, 2006



Yikes- you're right, that's a lot of things to sort out.

If you get the right job though- they'll pay for moving expenses to have you move out here. I've done it once and my husband has done it twice.

Let's focus on THAT option. Kill two birds with one stone. ;)


I thought the military always paid for one last move, even when you get out? If you do decide to leave behind all the big items and just move personal stuff, I used the US bulk mail when I moved from TX to Hawaii and it was cheaper than a moving company (about $1 per lbs.). And then you can put all your valuables in your car and drive up. Moving is such a pain!


shopping fixes everything. i have some fab shoes from my last meltdown...

Fraulein N

Aw, no wonder you're overwhelmed. Colby's right; treat yourself to a good freakout every now and then. Also, yay for new clothes! And on sale, too!


Um, is "Seattle" just a typo for "Houston"?? Good luck with the move--I know how ridiculously difficult it will be. Hang in there !

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