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August 08, 2006



I try to at least respond to most of the comments I get, especially if it's someone who's commenting for the first time. If they leave a link, I'll check it out. If I like what I see and keep reading it, I'll add it to my links list. I use my links list as a "list of sites I like and that you might like, too." I don't worry too much about linking or not linking to people that have linked me, mostly as a way of keeping my links list under control. There are people I link to that don't link back, which is fine, and there are people that link to me that I don't link to, which is also fine. If someone gets annoyed because I haven't linked them and they take me off their links list? Well, that's their choice and I'm just not going to worry about it.


I was just thinking about that today..that I need to do something with my blog roll. I use bloglines, so I tend to add people to my bloglines without linking them to my site. I'm going to go through and make a link thing though..I really need to.


You are such a picture tease


I honestly don't respond to every comment that I receive, unless the person seemed to have misunderstood the post and I want to clarify it. However, I do go and visit everyone that comments to me (or try to) in return.

I also don't link anyone unless we have established an on-going stream of visiting/commenting b/c I actually do read everyone on it. Like real life, I don't like one-way relationships. I have people on my blogroll that get maybe two comments a day, but if they take the time to come visit me, I feel that I owe them the same courtesy.


I'm with Angela on the blogroll business. You're in the blogroll if I enjoy your blog regularly, that's it. It's a pretty simple philosophy that keeps me from worrying if I linked to so-and-so's blog, because Oh Crap, they link to me and I don't link to them, etc etc.

Also, I fight the urge to comment on those 100+ comment posts, because I feel like I'm whispering. It seems pointless.

This brings up a good point, Angela-- what about someone like Dooce, whose blog has almost become sheer entertainment. I've always wondered why she doesn't have a blogroll. I feel like it distances her a little from the blogging community, but at the same time, she's already on this blogging pedestal...


Personally, if I like the blog, I'll link it. If I don't, I don't. Case closed.

No sense in advocating something you don't particularly like . . .


If I like blogs they generally make their way onto Rojo (a fantastic feed reading website), tagged as "friend" so I can catch up when I have time. Having said that, I have been working all kinds of ridiculous hours recently so haven't had time to blog or read blogs as much as I might like.

Fraulein N

You comment whore. :-)(I kid, I kid.) I try to at least respond to every commenter in the comments of the post they commented on. (Uh, or something less convoluted.) If I like you, I link you. If I link someone and they don't reciprocate, I certainly don't drop them. On the other hand there are sites I read regularly but just haven't gotten around to linking yet.

Every so often I'll go through my blogroll (I use Blogrolling) and update it. There are certain big-time bloggers that I read regularly but never comment. My thinking is that if someone's getting 100 comments per post, what are the odds they'll even read my comment, much less respond to it? Maybe that sounds bitter but I don't mean for it to be. I understand there are only so many hours in the day.


My link list is for me. I try to visit all the links at least once a week to catch up. Many comment that they use my blogroll for their own surfing though and I think some have had hurt feelings that they weren't on it. Oh well, I try to be nice but as you said if I linked EVERYONE my blog would be google, not my blog.

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