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August 09, 2006



I really get you on this one. Girls are totally scary. I've been kind of like you, with my closest girlfriends who I never feel would stab me in the back being in another city. I have girlfriend here, but it doesn't always feel safe like it does with them.

I've been very disappointed in girl friendships around my neighborhood and in social groups since we've lived here. I am older than you and I can tell you that it only gets better in that you're less likely to put up with the crap for as long as when you were younger.

And, it sound like we had similar college experiences too. Mine wasnt' a roommate, but a pack of girlfriends from my freshman year who decided to shut me out for unknown reasons. It's always bothered me not knowing why either.

Too bad we don't live closer. It sounds like we'd get along!


Girls are scary, throw rocks at them


I know exactly how you feel! Geez, this was almost like reading about my own high school/college experiences . . . although yours didn't end with a mandatory psychological evaluation that revealed that I am, in fact, normal, if only a little high-strung . . .


Completely relating to you on this. My best friend is a man. Although men are competitive they aren't generally so in a way that is spiteful which I find some women will gravitate towards. I do have female friends but they are very strong independent types and although I can call them up anytime and talk like we just saw one another at lunch they tend to live out of state.

Anonymous G

Don't run and hide, Ang... You're a big girl. It's not high school anymore.

I have girlfriends in my life now that I've had since my school days...and some from my 20s..and some from my 30s..and so on.

I treasure my girlfriends. Each and every one of them is special and precious to me. Not once have they betrayed me.

I LOVE my girlfriends...

You're a grown up now! It's ok! Please don't be afraid of girls.....


okay, i definitely got a little teary there for a minute.

anyway, yes, girls suck. i actually have fewer girlfriends now than i did in high school. i've thinned the herd to just the bestest ones.

Miss Valerie Jean

I linked here from dooce and I have to say that I agree with you. Even as you get married and get into motherhood, the crap doesn't change. Then you have more shit to put up with "well my husband...." "well my kid.." you get the picture. But what i have learned is that I have gotten better at weeding out the bitches and be able to stand up for my self, or my family and move on. and I have made some fantastic friends along the way who are sick of the same bullshit. But no one will ever compare to those few girls who you know will be in your life, your whole life long. If you have friends like that, you are blessed.


I like Pete's response!


I love my girlfriends, and I love girlfriend weekends. BUT, I can't see any of my girlfriends at my bedside when I'm dying, ya know? And they don't know all of my secrets. My only true-true-true girlfriend is my sister.

Don't know why I keep friends at arms length- but I do. That's why I do better with guys. The relationship is more superficial and I'm more comfortable with that for some reason.

Even though most of my gal pal relationships are superficial they are a helluva lot of fun. ;)

Nap Queen

Wow, I could have written the comment above mine. I love spending time with short amounts. My sister is my true best friend, and I trust her completely. My best friends don't know about my blog. I don't even get along with men better, I think I just prefer to be by myself!

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