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August 02, 2006



I remember Grimace. I didn't even have to click the link. I can not deal with ANYTHING in a costume....still to this day. I never made big issues of it, but my kid has inherited that weird trait from me. That would have been a scary scary dream!


Don't you think somehow, down the line, Grimace and Barney the purple dinosaur were somehow related? Ha!

Enjoyed this list. Also, I have never thought about the typing thing and playing the piano, but I am the same way. It doesn't make sense!


I'm with shpprgrl...I didn't even have to click on the link either. I'm back, and playing catch-up, and just wanted to tell you that (1) hope the reconciliation is still in the works, (2) that your separation date will be on my next birthday, and (3) that Grimace business is creepy yeah.


I think Mom's favorite flour is Gold Medal - the self rising kind.


Ya know for a girl that didn't have anything to write about you managed to make me laugh. And please, not remember Grimace. Pfft I'm a child of the 70s (and before) OF COURSE I remember Grimace.


Eel is good, but it's definitely something you have to get used to. Octopus is just wrong. Grimace freaks me out too, mainly because my dead college advisor looked so much like him.
Michele sent me.


Hello from Michele.
I like #51...I do sushi too even raw, but no eel or octopus for me either

rampant bicycle

Grimace? I think that would completely freak me out too. :)

Also, raw chicken? TOTALLY gross. I love eating it but hate to cook it.

(Thanks for visiting today!)


Interesting list. I'm not a huge fan of any of the raw sea creatures, which was difficult living in Hawaii.

I've noticed my handwriting has gotten worse, the longer I'm working on computers.


I have always focused on the Hamburglar, and find that he somehow works his way into conversation once a week or so.

I am the last girl on the earth who has refused to try sushi--just can't make the leap.


The one sentence version of Anna Karenina:

A woman in a loveless marriage to a "respectable" older man has a torrid affair with a guy who does her wrong, and she throws herself under a train.

Hope that means more blogging time. LOL.

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