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August 03, 2006



Or maybe? You could have bought me my camera that I really really want? But that's okay. I still like you.

And, that Geek Squad business is some funny shit. "My Geek was beyond satisfactorily geeky..."


Hey girl! I've been catching up...good luck on your forceshaping package! Let us know how it goes...

As for the shoes! I just buy Nike shoes since that's what I wore in college, but Adidas and New Balance are great too. It just depends what feels good on your foot! Don't spend over $ need. The ones I usually get are $ in terms of shoes, I guess it's "reasonable." :)


My 'puter is giving me nasty messages at the moment about not having enough space blah blah blah. Sigh...."external hard drive" is gonna appear on my credit card bill soon. D'oh! And I was saving too!

Everyone should have a reliable 'beyond satisfactorily geeky' friend. It helps when you pour mineral water in your laptop....which isn't advisable!


OK, being the nerd here... it's hard drive. Two words. ;)


unless nike comes out with some black patent leather pointy-toe 4 inch heels, i don't think angel's going to be visiting the athletic shoe section of the shoe store anytime soon!


God that sucks. But, hey, your new site colors look great! (C'mon, it's something...)


Don't you just hate unexpected expenses? My last one was an emergency room vet bill in the tune of $600+. Fun, yippppeee, exciting way to spend my cash. Shoes? Why would I want new shoes instead of an ER vet bill? And darn it to hell, the vet wasn't even cute. ::sigh:::


Yep, that's a painfully expensive lesson. I never mind the lesson so much, as long as they don't break the bank. Now... you just have to remember to back up.... (don't you hate IT people? lol)


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