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August 11, 2006



I've been there before, sweetheart. It's a yucky place. I hope you go toward the light and NOT in *that* way. ;)

You wrote something that really sticks out to me:
"I like to have my future nailed down solidly, and it scares me that when things aren't quite so definite...."

I'd like you to consider reading some books about living in the present. I used to REALLY have a problem with living in the present- constantly worried about not having everything figured out til the year 2020.

I've been working very hard at living in the present and know that I have much more calm and secure feelings when I do that. Living in the present is trusting that things will work out. Don't you think that sounds like it would be a soothing thought?

I'll try to think of some good reading material for you.

Bottom line- you have so much going for you, so worrying about your future will just cause anxiety for no reason. Do what feels right for you *today* and let tomorrow take care of itself.


Philosophy Guy

Wait a minute! We're supposed to be happy?

I thought I just hoped to have the positive/negative life balance stay slightly heavier on the positive side over periods of a year or two worth of life event accumulation. There have been times where it went way over to deep negative for years on end.

Hmmm! I'm going to have to give this being happy concept more thought - as I'm taking my Lexapro, of course.


Some people are afraid to find out what they're missing because they might miss it. Some of us figure it's better to have something and miss it than not know what it is we were afraid of.

Just a thought. Not a particularly clear one, but you know where it's coming from. Hang in there kiddo, life is a wild ride.


Thanks goodness for dear sis. Just hang in there. There's a plan, you don't know what it is yet. But there is one. (Meanwhile you're having fits, I know. Been there done that.) Feel better soon.


i think about that every night as i travel the freeway for 30 minutes.
i'm not uber depressed or anything, it just seems like it would be an easy escape, don't you?

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