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July 14, 2006



A night before packer? Sheesh- you're better than I am. I'm an hour before packer. I just cannot make myself pack any earlier than that.

I hope you have a FAB trip and I'm glad that typepad is back working again. I tried to comment on your blog a couple of days ago and it wouldn't let me.



Have a great weekend and enjoy the laid-back quiet time. NYC is crazy.

It sounds like all is VERY GOOD!!



I am so jealous. i hate you.

Give Britty a smooch for me


Yay!! Come play with me!! We will have fun!! And if you want, I'll even push you down the stairs of the train so you can get the FULL experience.

Or we could just see the Statue of Liberty or something.


Hey- do you need a puppy sitter? hahahahahahaha....

Hope you have a safe trip and don't get caught doing anything I would do... oh, wait...

Pictures, woman!!! For God's sake, get a new computer! You're making big bucks now!!

Anonymous G

You are SO smiley! I can see it from here!

Did you know my cat's name is Jack? He is the cutest cat you ever saw, in case you didn't know...

NYC. I'm SO jealous!

Have a nice weekend. And don't hurt yourself packing.


My dogs also revert personality types at the dog park. Reese (my silky) is really laid-back at home, but will sometimes be fairly fiesty at the park.

Have a great time in NYC!

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