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July 31, 2006



I'm sending ALL of my good vibes your way on this one, sweet girl.

Lots of folks needing good vibes, but you get mine today. :)


You know, it's kind of strange but when you guys broke up, I still had this "feeling" that it wasn't forever. And, I don't even know you in real-life, so I know it's strange but I've always had a strange sixth sense about things. I'm sure you'll be just fine on the job front and maybe you'll find yourself up my way:)


Wow. Congrats all the way around. It sounds like big changes are in the wind for you. I am behind on my blog reading some, so I didn't realize you were ready to leave the service. OH, and I'm totally the same way about good news. My husband tells me I'm a pessimist. I say I'm just "careful." HA!


I've been wondering how long it was going to take you to cop to Colby. You snuck in a VISIT???? Sneaky, sneaky!!! What did Jack and Ellie think???

Well, you know what I think... about getting back together, getting out, the whole nine yards, and then some.

;) Best of luck on everything and big hugs, of course!


Found you via Blog Explosion today and am off to add you to the Single Women table of my Eclectic Dinner Party list.


Ooh! that's the best news I've heard all day! I truly hope that works out and I am sending you both positive vibes.. does that mean that marriage might actually be in his picture someday? (sorry if the blog comments is not a place to post that question!)


Anonymous G

((Ang!)) You know I always liked that boy ;-)

I'm a lot like you with good news. I like to savor it and handle it with care, for fear it'll vanish.

This is happy, good news. Enjoy it, won't you?


Ooh, you turned your package in?! Good for you! I'm still too chicken to do it . . . good luck!


Many good wishes as you start this next phase. Hope all your dreams come true!

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