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June 16, 2006







That *totally* belongs in a sitcom!

That also sounds like something my sister would do (well, if she was single, anyway).

Give your sis a high five for me.


Great story! Great sis!


ROFLMAO!!!! Oh man! What a GREAT story!


That casts me in such a lovely light... ;)


I am a big fan of sisters, as you know. I don't think I have ever even tried to catch a bouquet. My first time as a bridesmaid was when I was 14 years old. Not one person in the bunch tried to catch the darn thing. My 5 year-old cousin ran and scooped it up after it hit the floor.


Except for the rather "clipped" remark to the adorable one, Brittany was merely repeating (ancient) history -- she was the only one tall enough to snatch the bouquet out of the chandelier as I recall! I seem to recall a similar event many moons ago ----

Lt Airhead

That's HILARIOUS. And one thing I love about Southern women and weddings--no one's ashamed to admit that they want to be in a successful relationship with someone, and they're not scared to go for it. Even if it means being snarky to an 8-year-old :-)

Heather B.

Ha. Awesome. And props to your sister because catching one of those things is freaking hard.


Strangely, I had to maul a 10-year-old to catch my sister's bouquet when I was 22. I'm not sure why her mom even let her out on the floor, esp. when there were about 20 single girls out there.


Let's be fair to Britty--she did feel really guilty about scaring the little girl;)

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