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June 14, 2006



Ya know? I've thought about introducing you to one of my sons because they're YOUR age (how old does that make me feel? bleh!) and I just *adore* you. But the truth is, they are/were at an age where substance didn't matter.

Now, I'm happy to say, my oldest (the one I thought of introducing you too) is with a woman of substance. But she is his high school sweetheart, the girl I've loved for like, FOREVER!

I think the deal is that you're with guys who aren't looking for girls of substance- something that I think you are...

I hope this doesn't sound depressing- but maybe in a few years when you're older, you'll find the guys who understand what's really important.


You've heard this a gazillion times I know, but hang in there! It will happen, and probably when you least expect. (I just wrote a sappy post about when it happened for me coincidentally) It's hard. Anyway, I agree with Risible, the problem is with the guys you are dealing with. They have a problem. Hope things get better!

Anonymous G

Oh, Ang...

You know you grow just a little bit from every experience. These guys (yeah, you're going to hear it again) don't know what they're missing. Your Mister Right WILL come along...and you'll sweep HIM right off his feet!

In the meantime, don't give into pessimism and bitterness. Enjoy the moments. You've so much ahead of you.....



It's tough not to start putting those walls up, and then the next sincere guy pays the price. I experienced somethign similar recently, and I just dont' understand men that talk that way and don't have any intention of even seeing you more than a couple of times. Dating sucks.


Awww, I hate to hear how down you are. Sometimes things just look really desperate, and I know the last thing you need is unsolicited assvice, but just hang on. You're beautiful, smart, introspective...someone is going to discover that!

And in the meantime, come visit us in BR -- it's good for the soul! I'm curious where you grew up here...e-mail me sometime.


First of all - the new picture of you is fabulous!
Secondly - Might I recommend the book, "Why Men Marry Bit#%*s"(Keeping it G rated) by Sherry Argov.
Take your time. You can afford to be picky in order to find who truly deserves you.


Thank you, Kendra!

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