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June 14, 2006



I don't even really like purses, and that one is so freaking cute!


Well, I was going to say pretty much what Sophie said. That is one incredibly precious purse. I'm still using a 7 or 8 year old blah black leather that won't wear out and I don't really have the personality to pull off a cute one, but, man, I see how you had to have it.


"Fake it 'til you make it" is how I survive as well, and it's working great for me!

Great bag.


My Coaches make me smile on bad days too lol, but what I really need is Mr. Vuitton. I'll never be sad again. LOL

Lt Airhead

Yeah, OK, so how about (a) your bag is adorable, (b) you are SO cute, and (c) HAVE FUN with your promotion! Seriously, I had pink napkins, plates, and glitter at mine, and my flight got me Disney princess and Lisa Frank gear. And the party the next day? Included having drinks with the wing commander. And it was a BLAST!

Do what you do, sugar :-)

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