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May 12, 2006



god, i hope i get that lucky. lol i'm on the right track anyway - no sickness, no cravings - now if I can master the no contractions part, i'd be a happy camper. I'll live in that blissful dream for a few more months, I think. And even though I'm having one, I've always been one of those girls who was glad to hand the baby back and go home to my world of no responsibility (I don't even have a dog!)..



Gah. A dog is far too much responsibility for me these days. So, a kid, ya... That's outa the question. At least for the near future. I keep joking with M that he needs to put some spermies in the icecube tray and go get snipped.

I just have to remember to remind my guests that the icecubes aren't for consuming.


Personally, I think dogs are a LOT more work than kids. Well, except for the giving birth part.

Raegan is SUCH a cute name. With that name, I imagine her with dark hair and blue eyes. I'm probably totally way off.

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