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May 17, 2006



You are forgetting two very important details: Is your helpful neighbor cute? And, if so, is he single?


So, I'm assuming your door wasn't locked... because if Jack can also unlock the door... wow.

Thank God for neighbors, eh? They seem to get you out of a lot of binds!


The canine that preceded Spencer in my life wouldn't ignore me--that was too simple for her. Instead, she would look over her shoulder and say, "Yeah, I see you mortal humanoid, but I still have other business to attend to." THEN, she would take off running for the eating of the poop. Glad your babies are safe.


Oh I can SO relate to the dog thing! I swear that you are right- they are totally laughing at us. Of course, I no longer have dogs but this brought me RIGHT back to those days of frustration.

And YAY for the second date! Can't wait to hear about it!


Anonymous G

Dogs. gotta love 'em.
Second date with the guy to whom you're attracted but trying not to make a big deal out of for fear of jinxing it? gotta love THAT!


obedience. school.

for the dogs, not the guy.


Yay! The guy. Yay!

Heather B.

Seriously, hot neighbor? yay or nay.


There's a song in these parts about the pancake dog. I laughed a long time at this description but, along with the others, gotta know, what the rating of the helpful neighbor. And, now its Friday morning, after Thursday night. So - update?

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