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May 10, 2006



Fantastic post. What a wonderful idea - writing to yourself earlier in life. I'm sat here wondering what I might write... or what I might write to myself in the future!?


Great Letter. At 16 I so wish I would have listened to a older *wiser* self.

I would to love to see what you might write to your future self.


Great letter! Although I'm not sure discovering makeup earlier would've helped Ryan if he was looking for girls who put out.. :))

And the retainer thing... I think we all have a story similar to that! God, if I did this, mine would be a bloody epic....

If you come up with something that original at 2:30am!! god i'm jealous..



Wow, this is great! I actually wrote a letter to myself (at the advice of my therapist at the time) to be delivered to the 'Me' that was dating the 8 year boyfriend from hell.

Very cathartic!

How about writing a letter to your future self? What do you think you'd tell her?


What an awesome idea and an awesome post.

Umm, if you happen to see the same thing on my site in the next few weeks, consider it a ... ahem, coincidence...

Lynn W

I'm with the Wordnerd. Because this is hilarious and I wish I'd thought of it first. I could have saved myself from SO much trouble if I could have peeked into the future and stopped myself back in the day.


Everyone has at least one lost in the wilderness portions of their lives but most of us don't have the gift and ability to write about it so it is cathartic, insightful, and entertaining. Your life is pretty much a continuous movement through "now" with look back with a mix of wisdom, nostalgia, and regret for about 10 years into what seems like the recent past, and about 10 years into the future with a mix of hope, exitement, and anxiety. I've always found that life is a lot like Chutes and Ladders. It's less random than the game but your ability to control the outcome is still pretty limited.

I'm not sure if Wikipedia has a philosophical cliches section but if they did it would list:

- Why is youth wasted on the young?
- We get too soon old and too late smart.
- Good judgement comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgement.
- If I could just stop thinking.
- Those who fail to learn the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them.
- There is only on thing more painful than learning from experience and that is not learning.
- Been there, done that, don't want the T-shirt.
- Somebody ought to write a book because I really think girls are from Venus and boys are from Mars.

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