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May 11, 2006



I didn't realize they did that for people that hadn't really done anything wrong. YOu're right, since they didn't make it to 20, their time thus far is worthless. There's something rather odd about the fact that we continue to hear that there aren't enough troops to really finish this war off, yet they're saying they can't pay for the ones it would take? I wonder if it's across all services?


The shortage is with finding ground pounders. The Air Force and most communities in the Navy are overmanned. The Army and Marines are running their folks into the ground, the DOD only has so much money, and they're taking it from the other services to support the Army in particular. On our side, we are all fully expecting to "augment" somewhere ugly for 6-12 months while on our shore tour.

Knowing a tiny bit about manpower and funding, I'd say that although I am appalled that JO's with prior enlisted time would be on the guillotine, that would provide the most potential savings to the number crunchers while keeping endstrength. It's really quite disgusting, but at the same time, the other alternative would be to cut more people... with the remaining folks still having to maintain the same output... so the optempo would be even higher, attrition higher, etc.

It's a lot easier for the big wigs in their cubicles and conference rooms to make these decisions than it is to be the real, live person having to deal with the consequences.


Holy crap! You're the first person linking to me on their blogroll. I'm so mother effing honored.

You have a very interesting perspective you have, by the way. And while I'm not watching American Idol this season (I couldn't take the loss of Constantine last year- never again), I feel your pain.


That's going on in my company too. Lots of peers from 15 years ago even being laid off.

I'm doing my best to fly under the radar these days. Yech.

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