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April 28, 2006



1) I'm with you, that is a sled, not an antique car.
2) No, doesn't look like a bear to me. Perhaps the neighbors had been smoking wacky weed?
3) Based on talent alone it was time for her to go.
4) Don't tell me all the good ones are taken, I'm single out here too. ;-)

and oh yes, Michele sent me.


Wow! You rock! I decided to visit after you left a comment for me and I'm glad I did. Great site! I'll be back.

OldOldLady Of The Hills

I'm here from Michele looks like I skipped you, but I didn't...we posted almost at the same time...
About Kelli Pickler...I think it was definitely time for her to go Bye Bye...She sings off key too much. THAT is a no no, in my book. And certainly not an "American Idol" whatever that is..(lol)


Hello, Michele Sent me.

1) nothing from 1980 can be considered antique
2) never met Jack so maybe he's more bear-like in person.
(and I hate being part of someone else's inside joke)
3) I think she could have stopped them if she wanted to.
4) Yes, wwe are all taken. You'll have to wait until we make some more.


Call me crazy, but I think Jack looks like a dog.


Finally, I remembered to follow the link to your name and come back and read! Ever since I started using the work computer, I lost all my Favorite blogs!

I almost fell off the chair laughing at number 1. That is hilarious and Irish had a good chuckle as well.



No - Jack does not look like a bear, crazy people! And no - Ellie does not look like a bear either. Wait, that right, WE-STILL-DON'T-KNOW-WHAT-ELLIE-LOOKS-LIKE!! Poor second children, they never get photographed!!! It's obvious Jack is the favorite, Ellie will need counceling to overcome!! :)



I agree all the good one's are taken!!


I actually liked Kellie until it was time for her to go. I certainly never thought she'd win the damn thing. I think the makeup this year has been pretty crappy overall--but hers is certainly the worst! I think Kat will be the winner--but what do I know?

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