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April 05, 2006



I went through the phase where I thought I had to write the next great 'literary' novel. Now I'd be happy to write something that people enjoy reading, along the lines of Jennifer Crusie or Harley Jane Kozak. Not everything has to be War and Peace. Besides, Gone With the Wind was not considered great literature in its day, either.


I think you know I relate to what you wrote. Email me if you want some helpful links to writing sites (I've found them helpful anyway). The reason I haven't told many people what I'm currently working on, is because *I'm* worried I won't follow through on it. Then again, if I told people, it'd be more incentive for me to follow through. Then again, it'd be more pressure on me to hurry up and get it done. Then again, what if everyone says it's a dumb idea? Then again,!

Write for YOU. Always. When you do, you can't go wrong. Published, or not.
Have you seen this quote in my blog sidebar? "Write. Keep writing. If you want to be successful, you will be." Rod McKuen

Hugs. :-)


Well, you'll always be on my Best Sellers List! :)

as cheesey as that may have, read... I meant it... :)


Like you said "write what you know" go for it.


You know I'm always looking for something to read, so go for it!


There are too many books out there telling the hard stories that publishes often forget about the "regular" folk. No path is really easy, and there are many different stories to tell.

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