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February 03, 2006



hee hee, you guys are funny:) Meanwhile, Colby has some explaining to do when he gets back!


That's funny. I'm pretty sure I sing wrong lyrics all the time and I probably won't ever realize it because I refuse to sing in front of anyone else.

Here via Michele's!


At least you know you weren't alone. Now whenever someone picks on you for that? You can be all, "Oh yeah? Well SHE thought that too! Ha!" Saftey in numbers, or something like that.


I'm not sure I even know what the song is... is it Wouldn't It Be Loverly????? Not sure I ever knew any of the words.

Here from Michele today.


I regularly make fun of Kenny thinking that "Dude looks like a lady" was "Do the funky lady." I'm waiting for my day to come...hopefully it's not a LaRoche trait.

Oh, and by the way, thank you so much for your Wicked recommendation. Totally stuck on it.

Anonymous G

All I can think when I read this, is COLBY KNOWS THE WORDS TO MY FAIR LADY?????

eeesh. . .


I too am impressed with Colby's knowledge of musicals. As a kid, I wondered why the Stones sang this made up word, "Yaffa-staffia." What did it mean? Was it another language? (Yes, you guessed was "You Have to Start Me Up." I know I have other doozies like this, but I'm drawing a blank right now...


Greetings from Northern California! Here via Michele.


Years ago, my boss used to drive me home from work and he'd sing to the radio. He thought the words to the song 'How Bizarre' were 'how was I?'. I had to get him to stop singing it coz I didn't want to listen to him singing "How was I? How was I?" all the way home.

Colby knowing My Fair Lady ain't so bad. I'd be more worried if he was singing Barbra Streisand.


But do I ever really know the words to songs?

Great minds think alike!


When we were wee ones, Erika thought Kenny Roger's was singing "you picked a fine to leave me Lucille, 400 children and a crop in the field" It never seemed strange to her that 400 children was a little excessive. It makes me laugh even now just thinking about it. I think I WILL tease Colby about knowing lyrics to My Fair Lady songs, that will be fun:)

Jean-Luc Picard

I know what you mean, Shelley. Sometimes we can't believe we have have been getting it wrong all these years.


Oh dear. I would hate to know how many songs I have butchered in my lifetime. Tee hee! BTW - Michele sent me.

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