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February 09, 2006



Actually, it was a relief to me after I adopted dog number 2 (she was an adult though) because it gave dog number 1 someone to play with.

If you have room, I say GO for it!

OK, that wasn't helpful, was it?


I second that!!! Now that the "mouses" are gone, Jack NEEDS someone else to keep him company while you are at work. Get a girl and name her Jill:)


I can never say no the face of a puppy...I still feel guilty as heck for moving 4 hours away from my beloved Maggie dog at home. I hope she won't harbor too much bitterness from this....
Good luck with the puppy search!


Just looking - haha. I'd come home with a basketful. The wagging, the sweet sloppy kisses...But really, a playmate is usally a good idea.


well... you do need a Cinderella... can't remember what her nickname was gonna be.

Oh jeeze.


Step away from the puppies. I cannot even think about going without coming home with one. Good luck! What about a cat?? They don't require house training, etc.


Think Monkle and Aunt Mimi - "Just one more, just one more, just one more ........maybe a few kittens, too.


Oh geez. Be strong, Angel! Do not let the cuteness fool you!


Yikes. I wish I could have *just* one. Unfortunately, my busy life, and my rented condo doesn't afford me the luxury of having a pet.

I'd sooo love to get a Schnoodle puppy, though.


I must tell you from personal experience that getting a second dog is much more work then you realize, even just from the walking perspective. Granted, mine is a "special needs" one, but still...Plus, the vet and kennel bills have now doubled. Would I give him up? No, but I'm not sure if I would have taken him if I knew then what I know now.


Don't be fooled, they know exactly how to use those big brown eyes and floppy soft ears to get you just where they want you. Look away!


oh, I want two! I want two! :)

we are talking about it...... how can you say no to those little cuties?!


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