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February 20, 2006



katie scarlett... get a hold of yourself! you will be fine! think about it tomorrow ok, cause tomorrow is another day! hahaha... sorry couldn't resist that one...

anyway... can i distract you? You missed the second half of grey's???? omg... you will NOT believe what happened!!!!!!! it was good... interesting too.... i wont tell you here though in case other people haven't seen it yet!


Sweety, cut yourself some slack ok? It's a process and you're gonna go through a whole bunch of happy, sad, angry and stupid moments - and that's ok. It's what's meant to happen. To be honest, if you had said you didn't feel anything and you didn't have any tears, I'd be more worried about you. Let the emotions happen. There are no rules about what you're supposed to be doing, or how you're supposed to be doing. Just do whatever you gotta do and you'll walk through it. A day at a time sweety. You're doing fine. Sending lots of hugs. :-)


Wow. Someone else that commented in the wee morning hours besides me? (I can't ever!)

I think you sound like you are STILL doing well. Don't worry about if you've cried or how much or whether or not you're moving on. Just be. Allow yourself to feel however you want to feel and don't analyze it. I really think you sound like you're coping very well. Take care you...


2006 isn't starting out real great for me either. SO lets just get together and have a giant cry!
Your loss is through a breakup, mine through a death. Both losses. I think a little crying is called for. But then we have to pick ourselves up and go on, right?


Katie... Get the crying out and then go out and find a guy to have some fun with. There's no better cure than finding out that the world isn't ending and there are plenty of other people that are enjoyable to be around.
It's taken me almost 2 years to figure that out and I wish I had gotten on with it sooner.
But then again, I'm a guy and what do we know, right? {smile}



I've tagged you on my Blog... your comments won't let me put the link here...

Maybe this will help you get your mind off him...


That's the thing about grief. You never know what cycle you'll hit nor will you know when.

Go do a google for "stages of grief" or "grief spiral". Any loss you suffer will go thru the same stages (death, relationship, job, health, etc.) Sometimes being prepared for the stages helps a bit.

Also? Don't for a minute think that just because you've experienced a stage already, you won't experience it again.

Thinking of you, sweet girl.

Anonymous G

No time now for anything but a (((hug))).
Thinking of you....



It will be up and down for awhile. Just keep writing. Know that even if nothing feels good right now, it will all be ok SOON.

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