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January 26, 2006



I shopped yesterday after work. I was awake only in the loosest definition of the word. It isn't as fattening, but equally distracting.

Best wishes at the Doc!


My list would be longer than yours, which is why I refuse to shop when before eating - or at least I pretend to refuse.

Side Note: I noticed that you have The Kite Runner on your want to read list. It truly is an amazing read. Great choice!


Can I wallow with you? I can't even win the grossest foot injury award at MommaK's Petroville. HA! Hang in there! And, i think i've told you before, I agree with Michele on The Kite Runner. It is great!

Anonymous G

WHAT am i doing WRONG? I can't figure out how to add myself to your map! I joined and EVERYTHING!

Anonymous G

p.s. I've never had a Dove Mint Chocolate Serenade Cookie before. It sounds like my kind of lover.
gotta get me some.............


YUMMY!!! Those are not on the approved dietary list. ;)

Seems like everyone has a case of melancholy.

YES! You can let others know about the bookclub. As you can see it is in it's infancy. Also, they can join and not read the book. Just share what they are reading...

HAve a better day today.


I would love to be on your map, but I need directions. So let us know the trick. It probably is simple and I will feel like a fool, but well....who cares.

Wendy Wings

Depressed food shopping is never a good idea , well at least not for the hips and butt.
Michele sent me today.

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