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December 07, 2005



That gave me a chuckle.
Ya know when you have kids and take lots of drugs for pain it. makes. you. UGLY. Just a FYI ;)


All I remember about your inhalers was that you always seemed to have to use them on the school bus, and inevitably, some idiot would say something stupid just as you were inhaling, you'd start laughing, and all the medicine would come out of your mouth in little wisps of smoke. Ah, memories!


Hmmmm, I have an inhaler in my bathroom cabinet. Maybe if I'm bored one night....

KIDDING! Seriously!!!!


I've mixed up the day and night Tylenol Cold before, and it is not pretty. Especially since the daytime stuff makes me pretty loopy. I am so feeling your pain. Yet, also, hee.


So THAT'S why my hubby giggles after his inhaler sometimes? I didn't realize he was getting a buzz!

Hope you feel better... Michele sent me today..

Maria Morris-Burke

Back when I was in College, a lot of the cough medicine had codeine in it. I will tell you those were wonderful days of coughs and colds.
I floated to class and was brilliant. Colds just aren't any fun anymore. Tylenol Cold Medicine is no match for the old Codadol.


I had laughing gas a couple of times, I felt like I was floating around the room. It was crazy, and I never did laugh.


OOOoh I can't use inhalers anymore. I space out b.a.d! Not to mention I get the shakes b.a.d! Baaaad! LOL

There was this one time,at band camp...hmm, no actually it was in Vegas... and I had the flu. I kid you not, whatever the doc gave me, it had me on the floor within 5 minutes, like I'd had a whole bottle of vodka straight.

Oh and Nyquil...knocked me out from LA to Sydney. Niiiice!

Girly, if you're feeling anything like how I feel right now, and it appears you're at least on as many drugs as I am now, I hope you get better SOON!

I'd give ya hugs, but I don't wanna get any more germs. ;-)

OldOldLady Of The Hills

Haven't been by in a while...and glad I stopped by to read this did make me laugh..Thank You for that, very very much! All those inhaler things have always scared me...I know it's supposed to help you to breath better, but the very few times I've had to use one, I couldn't get passd the chemical heaviness which smelled horrible to me and didn't make my lungs too happy, either...I know they are life savers for people, I'm glad of that....!

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