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December 14, 2005



Nice. Sounds like someone has been feeling guilty lately for the way he treated you. Can't imagine all is well with the wife, if he's seeking you out via e-mail like that.


What a bastard!


OMG! Asshat is RIGHT! Aren't you glad you turned down his friendship requests now? What a jerk!


Yep, he's changed alright. For the worse. At least you can go about your business, and leave him behind. What a manipulator he is. Geezus.


I pity his wife. No, really I do. What an ass.

Here from Michele's.


Ugh! Glad to have your good decision reinforced by his current behavior.

Q:Why can't men catch mad cow disease?
A:Because they are pigs.

(just a joke--I am happily engaged to a wonderful man)


Men can be bastards. I know cause I am a man and have been called one on several occasions. But I can feel your torment because I am going throught the exact same thing right now with my ex-wife. And she doesn't look so good in an Asshat.
What are we going to do??


GAWD what an asshat. Oh well, at least he's good blogfodder.

Not the Boyfriend

Asshat? am i the only person that's never heard that before?


why yes, yes you are.


Hmmmm....perhaps send his wife some small change so she can go out and buy him a clue for Christmas. What an idiot! (I'm being nice!) I pity his wife, too.

OldOldLady Of The Hills

I never heard of Asshat either, but I like it! This guy is a real "piece of work"...Lordy, Deliver Me! You are sure well outta that relationship/Friendship/Whatever..Tell him to go suck an egg!

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