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December 02, 2005



Michele sent me to see you, Angela / Katie.

Christmas was always a big event with my Mother also--and my Dad was just along for the ride. Of course my brother and I loved having so much emphasis on the holiday since it culminated in us getting presents.

Happy Holidays to you and yours, Angela.


Hello, Michele sent me!

It's good to see you getting excited about Christmas! Hope it turns out to be just as fun as you expect!


Now that was a long post!
Here from Michele's


Hi Angela Michelle sent me.

Glad to say Xmas has been revived by the arrival of mine and my brothers children, it had all got a bit dull with no kids around to enjoy the festivities, Christmas eeds the enthusiams of children :o)


wonderful post! thanks for sharing your beautiful memories of christmas. nice to know there are still some of us who celebrate the real reason for the season. :)

here via michele today.


Wow, I could have written that post, it sounds exactly like Christmas with my family. I know exactly what you mean about feeling it slowly change when grandparents aren't there anymore and presents just aren't that fun and you're dragged kicking and screaming into adulthood.

You're also right about getting to revive it all when you have your own kids, I'm looking forward to starting all those traditions with Eve and becoming the crazy Christmas mother.


It's not so much funny that your mom had a hard time giving up Christmas music for 40 days - I can understand that, for I, too, love the Christmas music. However, the fact that it was a struggle for her at Easter? Is HYSTERICAL.


ROFL @ being married to Daniel Radcliffe ;-) I came over to say I liked your answer to my Harry Potter question at Michele's. Irony!

I did like your post, tho, it reminded me of my Nana taking me to see the matinee of The Nutcracker in Boston each year when I was little.


Wonderful post! You can be wistful that things are not the same as always, while looking forward to creating new traditions.

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