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December 11, 2005



Ask Daniel. I'd tell you to let Trey help you, but he tends to make things much more complicated than they need to be!


Putting mascara on Jack?! ROFL talk about cruelty to animals. ;-)

When it comes to web design, I took few classes back in school, they were really cool. So how about advanced HTML/XML and throw in some Flash/Fireworks/Photoshop and voila. ;-)

Dreamweaver helps a whole lot if you want to be lazy but have really cool HTML. =P

Adrian Johnson

On the web design issue. I'm a self taught guy. Everything you ever wanted to know about html and css is at For graphics I use Ulead Photo impact it 1/4 the price of photoshop. Sometimes you can get a previous version on ebay for about $20.00. Just make sure it's not a demo. It works Just Fine. If you want to be self taught your best friend should be "View page source" See something cool. See what the code looks like. You can email me with questions or stop by say Adrian sent you. Sorry for the plug but I'm logged in there more then I check my email:-).


I'm no web designer, but I love your new holiday festive look. And, I admire you for taking on the holidallies. I was considering it, but just can't commit to blogging every day especially during the hectic holidays!


Hi -- saw your site through Holidailies. I actually have a certificate in web technology, but when I blank out and can't remember how to code anymore (happens more and more the older I get, right?) I go to They have tutorials for HTML, CSS, and RSS, as well as tons of other web scripting languages and lots of resources. I recommend it. Not only can you search for specific tags, but you can do tutorials and quizzes to test your knowledge.

Not the Boyfriend

I wouldn't waste your time on it, i'm still banking on the internet being a fad that will fade away in a year or so... right?


I'm all self taught. When I see a web site (or even parts) that I like, I look at the source and find the css file.

I experiment (and swear a lot) until I get the look I was going for.

I have a 'playground' where I do all of my experimenting. I don't actually update my site until the playground version is perfect.

I do a LOT of cheating. I can't write code from scratch, but I can read it and know what *most* things do. So I copy code I like and tweak it. All of it learned by trial and error.

I only started learning how to do this a year ago. I look at some of my earlier designs and cringe!


I learned most of what I know from
and it was all free. And now I write code from scratch. Try it.


You can also go to and webmonkey for help with coding... also free!

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