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December 12, 2005



yeah, because Mom and Dad forced you to be right handed. They're like, part of the coalition against left handed people, and they could not have a daughter with such a deformity!!!


I hate doing laundry too! I procrastinate until I have nothing else to wear. LOL

Plain Jane

I don't mind doing the laundry, it's the putting it away that I hate.

Line 2: "was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay.."


Your 100 Things are utterly fascinating. Though the red of wallpaper hurts my eyes.... If you're interested in trying something new, I have now replaced my computer chair with my oversized yoga ball, and it totally rocks (or bounces, as the case may be)!


That is so odd that your foot has shrunk. That's the first I've heard of it for anyone under the age of say...50.

the bec half of glamorouse

Goodness, my feet have gone up half a size with each child (which meant a shocking full size leap with the twins!) - HEY, I should add that to my half finished 100 things!

And CONGRATULATIONS! You're the site of the day at Michele's today - expect more comments very, very soon...


Can I pinch No.47?

Here via Michelle, she says 'hi'!


Michele sent me this morning, Angela. Congrats on being the site of the day. I love your list and the next time I read it, I promise to play Enya and sing the First Noel!


Hello Angela, Michele sent me.

I'm right with you on #43... I "grow" the most beautiful silk plants at home!


Love the name!! So pretty. =) Congrats of SOTD, Michele sent me.


I used to have plants in my house. Now I have dead sticks with brown leaves.

Hi, Michele sent me. Congrats on being site of the day.


The last thing I did before going to bed last night was read through your 100 things. Then this morning I wake to find you are site of the day! Congratulations! And obviously, I am here from Michele's!


Lovely site! And I hate laundry too. Well, I think Id like it if it stayed finished for awhile. But you always have this starter batch fermenting in the corners. Just like dishes. You wash them all, and you ALWAYs wind up with one dirty cup in the sink at the end. I'm so glad Michele sent me here ;o)


Hi, Michele sent me. What a LOVELY blog! You know, a lot of times those "100 Things" are just, well, interest-challenged. But yours? I'm reading and enjoying every single word! And you're a book-lover, too. I'm so glad to have found you! Have a great day- you're going to be busy, for sure (my old blog was SOTD once, so I know).


I don't keep plants either; I feel too guilty when they die. Sometimes I think they actually commit suicide, but I can't prove it.

Hi - Michele sent me!


I'm getting away from live plants more and more. I recently put an old dish garden that had turned into an overgrown mess of a jungle cease living. I know, it's awful. I like the idea of a fake banana tree. Really like that.

Michele sent me! Happy Day!


I've only read one of the Shopaholics...I did like it. I used to be that way until I actually got out of credit card debt. Now I make better decisions knowing how hard it is to pay for all that shopping! Michele sent me!


I had to try right hand ended up on top LOL (I'm a righty).

Hi, Michele sent me!


must get round to doing an updated list

michele sent me


Hi Angela! Thanks for dropping by my site yesterday! This 100 things list is a great way to put it together...

(I hate doing laundry too... It always gets washed and dried and then I never seem to find time to fold and put away. How frustrating!)

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