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November 14, 2005



Wow, I'd forgotten all the weird things that used to happen at DeAngelo's.


HI THere Angela... Michele sent me!

Crazy MomCat

OH, I love that grandmother dream. Thanks for sharing that. I really believe things like that do happen in life. I don't know how much I buy into the whole ghost thing, but there are times when it sure feels like someone you've lost is trying to tell you something or help you.

Glad you're back!


I loved the answer to the Ghost Question. I've heard of this kind of thing happening so many times. It's almost as though there's someone still around watching over the place and it's inhabitants long after they died. Just wonderful :o)


Well, I think it sounds pretty cool to me. I've been out with women who didn't ring the bells -so to speak either. But the ones who did were either unavailable or unattainable or both. Ghosts: Yes. Some spirits of relatives that have passed have visited me. There are sensitive psychics who help police inn many cases. Anyway, nice to visit. Stop by and see my new BLOG design!


Hey there Michele sent me...Im not going to write much because I am sure to mispell something LOL TTYL

Still not the Boyfriend

You're right. I...uhhh...he, yeah he sure did like it that you switched to easy listening ALL THE TIME... dearling

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