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November 21, 2005



yes, Harry has become quite the heartbreaker! And I claim him--no, don't argue, I have two very good reasons. 1) Am single, so no icky boys stand in the way; and 2) am younger and therefore less illegal. :)

What was up with the cheesey 60's song there at the end. It had WORDS!!

And I would love to see you in that ATV... the pictures just don't do justice to the actual events...

Becky least you didn't include your cup size:) Gone With the Wind is my second favorite book. What did you think of the sequel?

Not the Boyfriend

Brittany- Who are you calling an "icky" boy??


Angel, didn't you actually write a sequel story to GWTW?


I did, I did! And won a $50 gift certificate to a GWTW memorabilia store, thank you very much, lol!

I thought Scarlett was a pretty good book as a stand-alone novel, but as a sequel to GWTW DEFINITELY not! And the movie was just an atrocity.

Canadian Mark

I had to laugh at your ATV experience. Too funny. I laugh with you though, not at you. I believe you probably faired much better than I would have. I can't even drive automatic. :-) Here from Michele.


I had no idea I was asking an embarrassing question! GWTW was a hit in my house. My Mother actually made gowns for my sister and her best friend to pretend to be Scarlett and Melanie. Thanks for the good wishes at my place!

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