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October 03, 2005



Aww, I hope Jack feels better soon. I'd be scared they have given you a very sick puppy, that might not be able to cure himself. Demand that they give him the best meds. Very sad. I hope he feels better soon.


Well, yeah, I knew when I got him that he was pretty sick, but the great thing is that the animal shelter has covered all of his medical costs so far--woohoo! (And thank God, because otherwise I'd need some kind of puppy blue cross!)


Ok...Scarlett. Walking contradiction. Now my very favorite Gilmore Girls...are you ME 10 years ago? I see your future. And you will one day be Queen.


That's hilarious! I have to admit that I do kind of have a stomach churn every time I pick up the poop, esp. when it's not solid. I love it when one of my dogs finds the widelia (sp?) groundcover so I don't have to pick it up.


I'm all confused. I almost didn't recognize you since you've changed the colors and stuff on the blog. That puppy sounds so cute -but exasperating too.

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