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October 14, 2005



Hi there! Michele sent me! Is Jack a dog? (LOL ..typed God by accident 1st). I'm a dog person. I am going to look for more Jack posts!


Hi!! Michele sent me! Hoping the medicine distribution lowers significantly... and hope your vacation is stinkin' beautiful!


hi! michele sent me. have a happy (and safe) trip. try to enjoy yourself, ok? :)


I'm glad Jack is going to get better soon. Enjoy those three weeks; I'm envious. Are you going up to Seattle for the house hunting?


Here via Michelle...
"And I'm not down with Reality. I prefer my Reality on the TV, where it belongs." That cracked me up! Ha!

I'm jealous of you going to Washington, I've been suffering major bouts of homesickness lately! Have a great trip.


Hi - just returning your Hello from earlier!! Thanks for stopping by my site - I am new to all this and still learning - have a fun weekend!!

Crazy MomCat

Glad Jack's going to be OK. I'm totally the same way about cleaning my house before a trip. It's just Soooo depressing to return home to a mess, so I kill myself before I leave and then come home to the fresh smell of cleanser. Ahhh...then I can relax! Have a great vacation!


I know exactly what you mean, sometimes, I hate to type things because as soon as I do they become real.

Michele sent me.


Have a wonderful trip. Glad Jack is doing better. Take care of yourself and the not goodness.


Just lots of hugs your way chica!



Yay for Jack! I'm so glad he's acting more dog-like!
And whatever's wrong, I hope becomes okay soon! Let me know if you need to talk:)


Three weeks off work. That sounds wonderful!

Pop me an email when you're in Seattle. Maybe we can hook up with A for coffee or something.

[email protected]


Well, that's good news about Jack, I was fearing the worst there for a little while. I'm glad he's doing better. Good luck with the "bad stuff" though whatever it isn't.


I always like a clean house when I come home. I have come home to a messy house and it sucks.

Glad Jack is better.

In TV reality bad things are wrapped up in an hour or two at the most.

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