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October 19, 2005



esp. from the house hunting perspective.

I was going to post my modified version of your meme tonight, so check back at some point:)

Have a great time!


Apparently, there was an error. I said in the first part to e-mail me if you need anything in Seattle.


I've been thinking about doing a national de-lurking day too! I see by my stat counter that I get between 40-60 hits per day, yet I average only 2-6 comments, so there are alot of lurkers out there!

As for your question, how about your first kiss? That's usually a good story!

Thanks for stopping by for Michele's Site of the Day!


Hey Ang-
Correct me if I'm wrong but don't you believe in ghosts? Experience any ghost encounters lately?

Have a wonderful trip!

not the boyfriend

Are you going to let your boyfriend pick some of the radio stations on the drive to Seattle?


How long are you going to be gone? I forget. Have a great trip! Try not to repack to many times you will make yourself crazy!


I finally finished my 20 things. I doubt I'll ever make 100--I'm simply not that interesting.

Why did you choose your email addy?


What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?


Question for you: How much trouble am I in for not doing the meme yet?
Question for Jack: Where did you hide all the underwear she thought she packed? Fetch. Good boy.


Have a wonderful trip. Come back and tell us all about it.

(I'm delurking in honor of whatever day this is)

oh, I tried the Google/failure search. WOW.


p.s. you DO know who i am, don't you??


Crazy MomCat

I'm hardly delurking since I am a comment hound on here quite a lot! HA! But, here's a question-what is one of your most cherished childhood memories?

Have a great trip!


Ok, so this isn't a question or anything, but I just wanted to let you know I miss you! I know you're usually all the way in Arkansas anyway, but not having this to read makes me even more sad! Can't wait till you come home for Christmas!

Crazy MomCat

Yeah, where are you? Hope you're having fun on your trip!


so i just decided to procrastinate by reading this and catching up on it. and i happened to take a glance at your wish-list on amazon. and i just wanted to let you know that i have Rule of Four, so whenever I happen to see you while we are both in LA, I'll give it to you if you would like.

here's a question for you: if you could be doing anything right now, what would it be? (i love being vague)

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