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October 10, 2005



You have a good start here! I'll look forward to the test of the lsit.

Michele sent me.


I almost had #6 except for the uniform. I'll be looking for your next installment.


You started very well. I am thinking about doing the same thing, and also like 10 at a time because I cannot come up with interesting things... Saw you at Michele's, will be back to read more!


hi, I'm here via Michele's. great list!


I have been working on my "100 Thing About Me" list now for 7 is hard to have a good start!

Here via Micheles!


I love Gone w. the Wind. My mother called me Scarlett, because I would/will think about things tomorrow.

Great List!


Cool way to do the 100 things list! I find that it is incredibly hard to come up with so much stuff about yourself.


Great start on those 100 things! I read GWTW in 3 days when I was 14. It was the best book I had ever read. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Hi, I'm here from michele's :)

Crazy MomCat

I too love GWTW. It's about strong women. That's why I love it.

I like this idea of a chunk of 100 things at a time until you reach the milestone. I may have to copy you.

Oh and was your liar comment a joke? If not, we should talk. I didn't have that issue, but someone close to me did and I'd love to know how you broke out of that bad cycle. (If it is a joke, I promise I"ll try not to take things so seriously in the future. HA!)


What's up A?? Had a few minutes to surf and wound up here.
You have some brass ones to do the "100 things" deal. I somehow feel like I'm not all that interesting to do my own. Anyway I got tagged on one of those meme things that's kind of like this only you have to guess where I am LYING!!!
Check me out.


Things make so much more sense now... you are active duty military, too, aren't you? I was wondering why someone would choose to move to Arkansas?


Oh, what fun this is!!! I love reading this stuff about you. As your older, half-sister, I never was the victim of a babydoll "mishap". I just fell asleep playing Barbi with ya'll, which I will never live down because of the trauma it apparently caused:) And I never knew you were a little liar - shame on you:):) Keep up the good work, I am enjoying the facinating facts about you!


Oh wow, I had forgotten about the tuna fish fiasco. Ah, memories!


Thanks for dropping by my blog. My true/false answers are there if you would like to check them out.


Yeah, but I was never too scared to smack you in the head with a baton. I mean, wait-no... everyone should feel sorry for poor helpless me, you mean, mean girl. :) Keep em comin', I can't wait for more.

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