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October 04, 2005



Poor Jack, and his Mommy!!! I hope it's just a cold and worms, although that is bad enough. Hopefully he perks up soon!!


Hi, I'm Indy. I'm a Siberian Husky, and my mom and dad and I hand out with a Husky rescue group, so we have seen and heard of plent of sick doggies. You should read about Dante, the foster puppy that stayed with us overnight about a month ago -

I'm sorry your puppy is so sick. I will say prayers for him!

Michelle sent me.


Hey you. Hang in there for little Jack. My guess it's going to be alright.
I think I'm lucky cause Sunny has a great big yard to play in and she isn't always exposed to some of those things. And I have to add that I am a VERY concerned dad. What? two hairs out of place??? Off to the vet!! You know my vet just bought a new SUV... wonder where he got the money... hmmmm...


Awww, you poor girl. (and poor Jack).

Jack is young (but not too young) and has that on his side.

He's lucky he has you to care for him and love him.


I guess that's one benefit to living out here in on an island and having such strict quarantine laws. We dont' even have rabies over here. I hope Jack pulls through okay.


I hope you and Jack are both feeling better soon!

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